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Expert Guides produces a variety of titles on the subject of Games & Entertainment that will help you master popular activities such as finding free music, downloading free movies, copying PlayStation / PS2 Games, and many others.

Click on the guide title listed below for details about the guide. Guides are organized in 3 basic categories:

  1. Digest Guides
  2. Complete Guides
  3. Bundled Sets

Be sure to check this section often as we are rapidly expanding our Games & Entertainment offerings.


Complete Game Bundle
Get everything you need to download and play your favorite classic console and arcade games. Want to play your favorite console and arcade games but can’t find them? This Bundle shows you where to find them and how to play them. Don’t have a console? No problem! Use this Bundle to play games from 11 diffferent platforms on your computer...without buying the consoles or the games! Get Games from GameBoy, Ninitendo, Playstation, Sega, Atari and more!

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PS2 Secret Codes
Copying PS2 Games
Copying PSX Games
GameBoy Advance Emulation
Nintendo Entertaiment System Emulation
Super Nintendo Entertaiment System Emulation
Nintendo 64 Emulation
Atari 2600 Emulation
Sega Genesis Emulation
Arcade Game Emulation
Commodore 64 Emulation
Sega Master System Emulation
ZX Spectrum Emulation
PS2 Copying Bundle
PSX Copying Bundle
PS2 GameShark2 Bundle
Nintendo Emulation Bundle
Original Arcade Game Emulation Bundle,
Classic Game Emulation Bundle
Complete Game Emulation Bundle



Neo 2.2 Modchip
In order to play copied games on your PlayStation2 system you will need to install a modification chip. We offer the worlds best and most reliable PlayStation 2 ModChip, Neo 2.2

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Stealth Modchip's
In order to play your copied PlayStation games on your PlayStation system you will need to install a modification chip. We offer only the best quality chips - the Stealth series (Stealth III, IV, and V).

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In order to play copied PlayStation 2 games you will need to use a product called 'GameShark 2'. When you boot your console with GameShark2 in the disk tray it will convince the console that your copied games are actually originals. In addition to being able to play your PS2 game copies, infinite health, infinite lives, all weapons, all characters, all vehicles and much more, are all yours at the press of a button.

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Copying DVD to SVCD
Create high quality copies of DVD movies.

Copy DL Movies
Learn to copy downloaded movies, TV shows and more to disc.

Video to DivX
Learn to convert video to DivX.

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