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Game Copying


The ModChip

Playstation 2 Game Copying Bundle

Get everything you need for burning PlayStation2 games for backups.*

  • Tired of friends and family scratching and ruining your PlayStation2 games?

  • Wasting your money buying PlayStation2 games you used to own?

  • Want to protect your gaming investment?

Everything you need to copy PlayStation2 games is contained in this one easy to use package!

The How to Copy PlayStation2 Games Bundle includes a comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of copying PlayStation2 games, the top of the line Neo 2.2 ModChip that will allow your PlayStation2 console to play your copied games, as well as the installation guide for the Neo 2.2 chip.

No DVD Burner Required!
No need to invest in expensive DVD burning hardware! All you need is a computer with a CD-R or CD-RW drive!

Complete Solution!
The PlayStation Game Copying Bundle contains everything you need including ModChip, installation instruction, and step-by-step game copying guidance.

Step by Step Guidance!
Expert Guides are the best guides available. Comprehensive instructions, step by step guidance, and hundreds of screen shots separate the best from the rest!

Immediate Download!
Don't wait for the mail. Get started right now! Expert Guide Ebook's and Reader software (included free) are immediately downloadable so you can get started copying PlayStation games today!

Professional Customer Service!
They don't call us the Experts for nothing. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you should you have any questions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
100% Satisfaction guarantee! We have thousands of satisfied customers, but if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we'll refund your order.

'Item EXACTLY as described. Thank you for a flawless transaction!
...L. Niekaf

'Great communication, easy to deal with, wonderful products, very fast delivery!!' ...J. Mauerer

'WOW! What a great package!' ...A. Rees

Get the bundle for only $79.95 and SAVE 20%!!

* Cannot be used with model 39001 Playstation2 Consoles
Need GameShark?
GameShark 2
In order to play copied PlayStation 2 games you will need to use a product called 'GameShark 2' when starting your system. In addition to being able to play your PS2 game copies, infinite health, infinite lives, all weapons, all characters, all vehicles and much more, are all yours at the press of a button.

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Save 10% with the purchase of two or more Expert Guides!
** Offer applies to e-book guides only and excludes bundled packages **

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*** Disclaimer ***

Using this information to create unauthorized copies or derivatives of works protected under United States Code Title 17 (Copyright) is strictly prohibited.

All Expert Guide DVD Copying instructional guides are intended for personal use only to create a back-up copy of DVD's the individual has created. By purchasing and using Expert Guides you represent and warrant that your use of the package will not violate local, state, federal and/or international laws and that you own all relevant interests and rights in all materials of which a copy or derivative is being made. Furthermore, you agree to hold harmless and defend from any and all liability the provider, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and their associates.

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Everything you need for copying and playing PlayStation2 games.

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