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Computer & Internet
Expert Guides produces a variety of titles on the general subject of Computer & Internet that will help you master popular activities such as downloading files faster, Instant Messaging and others.

Click on the guide title listed below for details about the guide. Guides are organized in 3 basic categories:

  1. Digest Guides
  2. Complete Guides
  3. Bundled Sets

Be sure to check this section often as we are rapidly expanding our Computer & Internet offerings.


Web Media Bundle
With this Bundle you will be able to locate your favorite movies and music on the web, and then download them for free. Once you've downloaded all this great stuff we'll show you how to burn it onto CDs that you can actually use! Play downloaded movies in your DVD player, listen to downloaded music in your Car and more!

Click here for more details

Audio Galaxy CuteFTP
BearShare & Gnutella
Download Plus
Adding More Memory
CD & DVD Drives
Hard Drive Install
PC Boot-up Problems
Upgrade Video Cards
Personal WinXP
WinXP Settings
WinXP Hardware
WinXP Users
XP Sound and Video
Win PC Mgmt
Tuning Win PC
Trouble shooting PCs
Installing FreeBSD
Running FreeBSD
File Sharing
Faster Download
Instant Messaging
PC Hardware Vol.1
Microsoft Word Tips
XP Getting Started
Windows PC Basics
Wireless Networking
Internet Searching
Web Media Bundle
Internet Bundle
KeyKey Bundle
Creating Web Sites
Deluxe Bundle
Web Media Bundle
KeyKey Bundle

KeyKey Bundle
Get peace of mind.

Internet Bundle
Find and download everything fast!

DVD Bundle
The best, most complete guide available for copying and editing DVD's!

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