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Expert Guides is commited to bringing you the highest quality merchandise available at very competetive prices. We offer many bundled deals where you can save money on hardware and guides by buying them together.

Click on the names listed below for details about the hardware. Hardware is organized into 2 basic categories:

  1. Merchandise
  2. Bundled Packages

Be sure to check this section often as we are rapidly expanding our Hardware offerings.


DVD-R Discs 25 Pack
The Princo DVD-R has a 4.7GB capacity and is considered a high quality “General Use” DVD-R. This DVD-R is Write Compatible with DVD-R/RW General recorders and is Read Compatible with DVD-R/RW recorders, DVD-RAM drives, DVD-ROM and DVD-Video Players Suitable for data storage of any type DVD-Video, DVD-ROM or DVD-Audio.

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Optodisc DVD RAM 9s
Optodisc DVD RAM 6s
Optodisc DVD RAM 3s
Que! DVD RAM/R drive
DVD-R Discs 50 pack
DVD-R Discs 10 Pack
DVD-R Discs 25 Pack
CD-R Discs 100 Pack
CD-R Discs 25 Pack
CD-R Discs 50 Pack
CD-RW - 100 Pack
CD-RW - 10 Pack
CD-RW - 25 Pack
CD-RW - 50 Pack
CD Burner
DVD Burner Bundle

DVD Burner Bundle

Classic Game Bundle
Play PlayStation, Atari and Sega Games on your Computer!

Copy DL Movies
Learn to copy downloaded movies, TV shows and more to disc.

Internet Bundle
Find and download everything fast!

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