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Digital Audio
Expert Guides produces a variety of titles on the subject of Digital Audio that will help you master the methods of converting MP3s to CDs, CDs to MP3s or to any other Digital Audio format. As well as burning those old LPs and Cassette tapes onto CD. There is even complete information on DVD audio and more!

Click on the guide title listed below for details about the guide. Guides are organized in 3 basic categories:

  1. Digest Guides
  2. Complete Guides
  3. Bundled Sets

Be sure to check this section often as we are rapidly expanding our Digital Audio offerings.


Digital Audio Vol. 1
Learn about audio file formats, and understand why you might pick one file type over another. Become a master of converting CDs to MP3s and MP3s to CDs. Create vast and varied music libraries you can play, on your computer, in your car in a Discman or with an MP3 player. You can have it all with the Expert Guide to Digital Audio Volume 1.

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Convert CDs to MP3s
Convert MP3s to CDs
Convert Audio
Digital Audio Vol. 1

Video to DivX
Learn to convert video to DivX.

Digital Video Suite
Get the Digital Video Suite to convert, record and burn your favorite video.

KeyKey Bundle
Get peace of mind.

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